Wilmslow Winter 10k

Meteorological winter is arriving soon, a keen frosty and thin air mornings coinciding.

True cross country is well within our midst (when not cancelled).

UK Cross Challenge

I had a good day out in Sefton Park Liverpool on Saturday. For the Uk Challenge and GB European Trials. Sunny but cool day, plenty of mud and soggy ground, some good results in young athletes races. Oscar Schofield wads 2nd again in the Under 17 men after the same result at Cardiff in the last one. Reuben had a really solid and encouraging race as a first year in the age group. Robbie Rigby and George Noble (1st Yr) had good runs in the Under 20's, close to each other. They can battle it out again in 3 weeks at the GMAA & with Josh could win the team.

Lucy A had a good solid run in the U20 women, although not where she would want to be,

but only operating on about 80% the last few weeks, but time wise was close to the top runners in a stacked field of racers. Sara Goulden had a good race in a top class Senior Women's race, despite her hands turning white.


Wilmslow Winter 10k

At Wilmslow 10k, many raced, so I can't mention everybody here.

In a good class field, Dan Kashi was 12th in a decent time 13 sec off his PB and around the time he has been racing year on year for 6 years. Under 17 Finlay Day was 2nd Under 20(5sec behind) in 37th place, over 5mins up on last year’s race. James Bannister went under 35 min for the first time and John S was 10th Vet and good runs also from Vets Mark J, Matt El and Jon T, 13th V50 plus many others.

Sophie Wood had just flown in from Gran Canaria where she won a tough 10k in a course record. At Wilmslow as at Heaton Park in October chasing top class racer Mollie W from Stockport (who she was with at Lamar Uni USA). Sophie ran her 2nd best ever 10k time, so she is running stronger once again. Laura Barber 12th close to 37mins & 5 sec off her PB, with Hannah Somani chasing in 19th with a 15 sec PB and just behind in 22nd was Rachael Roz with a 4 sec PB. Laura Martin getting closer to 39mins with a 50sec PB, Anne was 1 sec from 40mins in her 1st 2023 10k, finishing 2nd L50. A good race from Katherine Webb (Barker) coming back to fitness with a 90sec PB and Jackie Cordingley was first L60 once again, only 50sec off her PB of 2009. Wow.

Twenty-one of the club's twenty-seven who ran Wilmslow's Festive 10k had good reason for pre-season merriment. (In the interest of accuracy, please inbox me errors/omissions and I'll immediately update)
DANIEL KASHI (31.11). Another great run following Cardiff 10k. Now close to his 2020 PB
FINLAY DAY (33.10) A massive 5 ½ minute PB & 2nd U20
SOPHIE WOOD (34.37) Fastest of 2023 & 2nd female
JAMES BANNISTER (34.57) 2 minute PB on his 2022 Gt. M/C Run
JON SMALLEY (35.36) A 36 second PB & 1st time under 36 minutes
LAURA BARBER (37.13) Exact same time as last year
BARNABY GORDON (38.22) a 74 second PB
DUNANE C- GAUNT (38.28) 1st 10k of 2023
ANDREW COLLEY (38.32) 21 second PB on 2021 Knutsford 10k
ALISTAIR KELL (38.43) Best of 2023
LAURA MARTIN (39.22) 50 second PB on last year's race
ANNE CHINOY (40.01) 1st 10k of 2023 & 2nd L50 (PB is 39.26)
KATHERINE BARKER (42.52) 78 second PB – going back to 2017
CHRIS WEBB (43.22) A further 1 minute PB on his Summer 10k
JACKIE CORDINGLEY (43.08) Fastest since 2009 & 1st L60. Wow!
CHRIS BUCKLEY (43.13) Fastest for 6 years.
FRANK CORDINGLEY (44.21) Fastest of 2023 by 1 ½ minutes
VICTORIA C-GAUNT (47.32) 1st 10k of 2023
HEATHER LENNOX (53.32) 4 + minutes PB
HELEN REAGAN (58.46) Fastest of 2023 by 1 ½ minutes

Greater Manchester Cross Country Championships

Don't forget to get your names in to race in the Greater Manchester Champs in Wythenshawe Park on a totally different course than the MACCL avoiding most of the worst mud. Starting on the top field the other side of the stream, near the tiny footbridge.

We have strong Under 17 and under 20 men & women, and of the Senior men is virtually the same as last year’s winning team with Alex L, ken, Alex B and Marcus, plus plenty of Vet's and a solid women's team of those indicating wanting to race.


On the roads this week with long reps on Fairy Lane around 10k to LTP tempo

A bit faster around 3k pace on Thursdays track session.

No MACCL on Saturday, so a morning session around 2 x 10min for senior Men

or 3 x 9 + 1 x 3min.

Reduced 8.30 for Women and Juniors, and 7mins for Young athletes / vets and those less fit. TBA on Uni Field or Kenworthy rolling trail paths, maybe combine with Monday / Wednesday. Wythenshawe Senior and Young Athlete groups.

Winter 2023 Group Training

week 1

Tues 28th Nov Sale Golf and Fairy Lane

6.45pm warm up 7.00pm drills, 7.15pm session

Road interval session 

G1. 4 x 1800m. = 7.2k

G2. 1 x 1800m + 1 x 1450m. 1 x 1800m + 1 x 1450m = 6.5k

G3. 4 x 1450m. = 5.8k

*G4. 2 x 1450m + 2 x 900m = 4.7k

Recoveries 2 mins approx

*Some who raced to do less volume and 900m last rep

Or Some to only do 3 reps.

Thursday 30th November 

Wythenshawe track intervals

6.45pm warm up 7.00pm drills, 7.15pm session

G1, 10 x 600m w’ 200m jog (90s) 

G2, 10 x 500m w’ jog 100m back 

*G3, 600m /500m/400m. 400mjog : 600m /500m/400m. 

400m jog   500m/400m. 

ie *G3 for those doing the Saturday session

Saturday 2nd December 

*University Fields or possibly Kenworthy Woods

Tempo Long reps on grass 

10.00am for warm up and drills 10.15am session

N.B. *10.30am start if we combine with Norman’s group. TBA

G1. 3 x 10mins Senior Men or 3 x 9 + 1 x 3

G2. 3 x 8:30 Senior Women and Junior Men & Women

G3. 3 x 7 mins Young athletes and vets

One every 12mins, so appropriate recoveries.


Winter Cross Country Fixtures


16 Greater Manchester Cross Country Champs

Wythenshawe Park, Host : Trafford AC


6 Cheshire Cross Country Championships - 

Reaseheath College Nantwich

13 Manchester Area Cross Country League - 

Tatton Park

27 Northern Athletics Cross Country Championships - 

East Park Sedgefield


10 Manchester Area Cross Country League - 

University Fields & Kenworthy Woods

24 Saucony National Cross Country Champs

Weston Park Telford Shropshire


10 Manchester Area Cross Country League - TBA

Sherdley Park St Helens  



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