Life Members

The club constitution states that "Honorary Life Membership" may be granted to any member of the club who, in the opinion of the current Executive Committee, has given outstanding service to the club. Such approval will require the support of three quarters of members present and voting at the meeting.

The List of Life Members

These people should inspire others to commit a little of their time to Sale Harriers. The list is open to anyone who has put in that little bit extra to support this fine club. Come on everybody just a little extra time can make all the difference. Please support your club and see it continue to be successful in the future.

Join Us

There are many ways to get involved at Sale Harriers Manchester. Please click on the links below - we would love to hear from you.

Please do not be put off by thinking that, because Sale Harriers has some of the fastest runners and best field event athletes in the country, the club doesn't cater for all abilities. Whether you want to be part of a strong competitive Club or simply part of a group of keep-fit enthusiasts, Sale Harriers welcomes you.

It also pays to belong to a running/athletic club!  You'll be affiliated to the National body, UK Athletics and, therefore, entitled to reduced fees for road races and other events and you'll also be covered by their insurance in the event of an accident.