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Mike Dunne joined Sale Harriers in the 1960's and for forty years he represented Sale Harriers competitively over all distances on roads and cross-country from 5k to the Marathon and achieved impressive times that included a 2:26.00 Marathon. About 2006 when he retired from competitive running the emergence of the Saturday Parkrun 5k's enabled him to continue his love of running, remaining a Sale Harrier to the core.

Mike Dunne's affiliation to Sale Harriers remained as strong as ever, invariably active in the club's background as a readily available, competent and hands-on member, ready to put his skills from a lifetime in the building trade to benefit Sale Harriers. Few will know his spontaneity to repair damaged water pipes, toilet cisterns, car-park pot-holes and other faults around the Wythenshawe Park facility. A no-nonsense, hands-on person, he cut through the red tape and just got the job done.

Few will be aware of the extent of his commitment to the club's annual promotion of the summer Sizzler 5k's. He was often at the track soon after sunrise and will have much of the work of setting-up done even before his colleagues arrive. He'd also be the last to leave, throughout showing initiative, leadership and organizational ability that got things done quickly and efficiently.

Manifesting ability people half his age would envy and without fuss, in the days before each race, he'd be out on the Sizzler course ensuring potholes are repaired; he'd be cutting back the overgrowth along Rhododendron Way and the protruding hedge along the Altrincham Road always working to high standards. He'd be ensuring the toilets are clean and in good working order always ready to do the menial work rather than ask someone else. He'd be hoeing the unsightly weeds from around the car-park and nothing was ever too much for him.

It's not just in practical ways that Mike Dunne was an asset to Sale Harriers. When the 2021 Sizzler 5k's were fraught with challenges related to Covid-19 compliance, he put himself at their centre as a no nonsense mediator and contributed more than anyone to the series going ahead and being very successful. Likewise, when other Park events threatened the smooth running of the Sizzlers, he built effective partnerships with those involved and successfully negotiated solutions that resolved all the problems.  

Mike Dunne devoted much of his adult life to Sale Harriers and was exceptional in his lifetime contribution to the club. He was, therefore, awarded the club's highest honour of Life Membership in 2022.

Sadly Mike passed away in May 2023 after a short illness. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

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